MetaTrader4™ Mobile

MetaTrader4™ Mobile lets you trade from any PDA equipped with Windows Mobile OS with the same level of functionality as the MetaTrader4™ terminal for PC. Carry the financial markets in your pocket and trade from anywhere on Earth, with access to technical analysis and charts for financial instruments (even offline). Mobile trades are completely confidential and totally secure. Another convenient feature: access your trading history anytime, anywhere with MetaTrader4™ Mobile.

MetaTrader4™ Mobile Smartphone Edition (SE)

MetaTrader4™ Mobile Smartphone Edition is a mobile terminal for smartphones equipped with MS Windows Mobile. Use MetaTrader4™ Mobile to access financial markets and make trades from anywhere on Earth. Let the SE terminal’s built-in financial instrument charts, technical indicators and financial news help you decide whether to open or close positions. Mobile trades are completely confidential and totally secure.

System requirements: Smartphone, Windows Mobile 2003 for smartphones or later.

MetaTrader4™ Trading Platform

MetaTrader4™ Advantages:

  • Our partnership with First Derivatives, gives access to one of the market’s largest liquidity pools, provided by 12 leading global banks.
  • OneZero low-latency technology lets you take advantage of No Dealing Desk technology with “direct market access.”
  • Receive the same rates as those provided to ForexClub’s institutional clients.
  • Compatible with a large online library of custom indicators and EA's (Expert Advisors).
  • Mobile Trading on iOS and Android devices.

The name of the server for connection:

  • ForexClub-MT4 Demo Server — for demo-accounts from 750 000 000 to 799 999 999
  • ForexClub-MT4 Real Server — for trading accounts from 700 000 000 to 709 999 999
  • ForexClub-MT4 Real 2 Server — for trading accounts from 710 000 000 to 719 999 999

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TradeCloudTradeCloud Adds Reliability and Security

TradeCloud is a web-based system†, making accessible your favorite ForexClub trading platform (StartFX, Rumus, MT4) from any PC, laptop, iPhone, iPad, or Android connected to the internet. TradeCloud eliminates the fundamental drawbacks of desktop platforms: computer crashes, connectivity issues, and malware (viruses, worms, etc.). TradeCloud effectively provides traders with the power, reliability, and security of a mainframe, from anywhere in the world.

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