MT4 Multiterminal

MetaTrader 4 MultiTerminal
MultiTerminal allows you to trade up to 128 accounts in real time.

The MetaTrader 4 MultiTerminal trading platform is designed for managing multiple trading accounts, in real-time, simultaneously. It is identical to MT4 in scope and functionality, but adds the ability to manage many accounts at the same time. You can choose between lot allocation on equity ratio, free margin ratio, equal parts, total volume for each order, and predefined volume.

The MultiTerminal is an ideal choice for traders and managers who work with several accounts at the same time. The platform gives you the opportunity to distribute volume across accounts in order to place the necessary volume for each order. Choose between equal distributions or distribute funds automatically, based on assigned funding ratios.

Manage over 100 accounts
MultiTerminal allows you to trade up to 128 accounts in real time.
One-step start
Accounts can be added/excluded from the trade pool with just one click.
Detailed Reporting for Investors
Investors have access to their trading account report from the Client MT4 via "Investor View", where they can see all the activities of the money manager. Equity beginning and ending reports can also be generated from the FXBank Client Management Terminal.
Security Control
For security purposes, Money Managers can change both investor and Master account passwords. Because the clients’ funds stay in the clients’ accounts and are not merged into one pool, individual clients can be removed from account management at any time, without affecting the open positions of other clients.
Easy Control
All you need is the Login and Password of the investor’s account.
Detailed Reporting for Money Managers*
Reports are easily accessible from the management console and can be exported in html format for each account.

*FXBank Money Manager Plugin

Automated performance
fees for Money Managers:

ForexClub takes complicated calculations out of the equation for money managers! Our FXBank Money Manager Plugin automatically calculates performance fees, money management fees, and commissions in real time, according to set parameters, and debits clients' accounts monthly.
Detailed reporting for investors:
Our unique proprietary technology allows clients to easily assign (and un-assign) their trading accounts for money managers, to view fees in real-time, and to build equity reports, letting investors stay in control.

Features Breakdown

Instant Execution quotation (real-time quotes, instant execution)
OneClick Trading
Non-Dealing Desk Execution
Reduce position, change position direction Only by taking profit (loss)
Automated trading
Pending orders to open position
If Done orders Only to close position
OCO (One Cancels the Other) orders Only to close position
Trailing stop Only if trader terminal is running and connected with broker's server

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