RUMUS Trading Platform

Master Advanced Charting and
Technical Analysis with Rumus

Rumus is Forex Club’s most exclusive forex trading platform. Designed for experienced forex traders by consummate industry professionals, Rumus is a fully customizable platform loaded with indicators and 50+ oscillators. With the most advanced and versatile charting techniques available, and the ability to trade directly from charts, Rumus helps the experienced forex trader hone the necessary skills to achieve optimal trading strategies and results.

Rumus Features:

Two execution modes available: Instant Execution and Request For Quote
No requotes under Request For Quote mode
Completely customizable interface
50+ Oscillators and indicators
Trade directly from charts
Audible alerts
Adjustable time frames from a tick to one year
Free Autochartist trial
Web and mobile access via TradeCloud (Virtual Private Server)

TradeCloudTradeCloud Adds Reliability and Security

TradeCloud is a web-based system†, making accessible your favorite ForexClub trading platform (StartFX, Rumus, MT4) from any PC, laptop, iPhone, iPad, or Android connected to the internet. TradeCloud eliminates the fundamental drawbacks of desktop platforms: computer crashes, connectivity issues, and malware (viruses, worms, etc.). TradeCloud effectively provides traders with the power, reliability, and security of a mainframe, from anywhere in the world.

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Java supported web browser is required to run TradeCloud. Tradecloud is offered as free tool to platinum and diamond clients, who maintain an account balance of $10,000 or above.