Trading Central™

What is Trading Central?

Trading Central is a sophisticated software that does the complicated math for you, so that you can see the direction and duration of current trends for your chosen currency pairs, as patterns emerge. This vital analysis gives you the actionable intelligence you need to find the best possible trading opportunities and become a winning trader.

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Trading Central Features

Easy Access: just log into your My FXBank account, then find Trading Central in the ‘Software’ drop down menu. Back Tested indicators are used to assess and ensure trends, and to pinpoint optimal times to place trades.
Constant Coverage of the market with signals updated multiple times an hour. Japanese Candlesticks confirm trend reversals or acceleration.
Coverage Includes: Forex, S&P, DJI30, Nasdaq, Gold and Oil. FREE for Forex Club customers with deposits of $1,500 or more.
Intuitive Interface shows easy to read price targets and directional movement.    

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