Money Managers

ForexClub’s Money Management Program is tailored to money managers with pools of funds and traders who manage their clients' funds.

Our Money Management Program is available with MetaTrader 4 MultiTerminal, which allows 100+ accounts to be managed simultaneously.

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Seven Reasons
Why Choose to Manage Your Clients' Funds With Forex Club:

  1. Unlimited number of accounts
    Manage thousands of accounts with just one click, easily organize them into groups, add or remove clients to trading groups under your management.
  2. Flexible allocation modes
    allow for fair execution of trades regardless of the differences between the account sizes in the managed pool:
    • fixed default amount (LAM)
    • proportional (PAM)
    • proportional with one lot minimum (PAM+)
  3. Drag-and-drop interface
    Adding and deleting accounts to the managed groups can be done with a click of a mouse.
  4. Fast execution - deep liquidity
    The execution on managed accounts is just as fast as on regular trading accounts.
  5. Real-time back-office custom reporting for both trader and investor
    Investors receive a separate investor log-in that allows them to set alerts, view trading accounts and orders. Having access to the platform back-end money manager is able to generate any reports necessary for the investors.
  6. Group commission option
    Money managers can charge additional commissions and mark-ups provided that they are disclosed to the client in the POA (Power of Attorney) and are approved by Forex Club. Refer to the Managed Accounts Fee Schedule Guide for details.

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Eligibility requirements:

The minimum individual account size for Money Managers’ clients is $2,500. Exceptions can be made depending on the number of managed accounts.  To get access to managed accounts functionality managing trader must bring clients with combined total deposit of at least $25,000.

Money Manager program is currently not offered in Russia or CIS.